3 Simple Golf Swing Tips to Get You On Top Of Your Game

Golf is a famous sport worldwide that people await tournaments in their respective homes or even spend money to actually witness one. The accuracy of how the golf er swings never fails to amaze the spectators of the game.

Most people who have come to love and practice this sport look up to the pros and find ways to be as good as them. There are several fanatics of Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus that ultimately practice so hard just to be able to deliver that simple golf swing like how their idols do.

Check out these three simple golf swing tips that might get you that swing you’ve always wanted to achieve:

1. An appropriate shoulder movement (turn) is vital. Unluckily, many people get the wrong idea of doing it properly; making it appear poorer than it was.

This mistake could be attributed to the length of performing the back swing, which most people consider to produce power. In an effort to have it longer, the individual lets the left heel to raise too far off the ground causing the hip to turn excessively.

While this movement brings about a turn, it doesn’t result to coiling at all. A correctly done shoulder turn will result to a coil as the back swing is done, this helps generate power.

The span of doing the back swing should also be dictated by the amount of coil created and not the distance of the individual’s turning back prior to taking the shot.

2. When you have your chin rest on your chest, you make it almost difficult to swing. This common mistake does not permit weight transmission from side to side, producing a very steep distance that doesn’t let the ball achieve further distance.

The correct way of doing it is to have your chin positioned upwards, permitting the left arm to easily move across the chest. This will provide you the wide-ranging curve required to hit the ball in the accurate course.

3. As the pressure escalates, you’ll most likely feel the need to hit the ball fast; as fast as you possibly could to get it over with. This disrupts the normal pace of performing it the correct way and lessens the likelihoods of winning.

You are always left with two choices when faced with this kind of situation: either you give in to the pressure and decide on hitting the ball fast or to face the pressure and dance with the increasing beat. It’s times like these when you need to remind yourself that this part of the situation is actually a mind game.

To thwart from quickly swinging, it is paramount to meditate on another thing when this takes place, this can create a diversion and distraction preventing you to take on that drastic decision of hitting the ball.

Not one person became an expert golf er overnight. It requires time and patience to practice to be able to successfully make it. Some even go through the gesture in forward-facing a mirror while performing the movements just so they could critique their body movements while some do simple gold swings in golf ranges or out there in fields. By correctly practicing these three tips regularly, you will notice the developments from earlier and even gain victory in the game.

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