Increase Golf Swing Speed

Increasing your club head speed is the single most reliable factor in improving your drive distance.  But speed alone isn’t enough.  There are three things you need to have mastered to truly allow your improved swing speed to shine.

1.  Stance. This is the foundation of your entire swing.  Without a good stance, what can you do?  Nothing.  From

1. Begin your stance by standing perfectly straight, feet together and your club up in the air as recommended in the Grip tutorial.
2. The proper stance is a collection of proper angles created throughout your body. The first angle that you need to make is in your hips. Bend forward slightly at your hips, and allow your hands to hang down, not out.
3. Next, bend your knees slightly. Be sure that you maintain balance in your feet so that half your weight is on your heels and the other half is in the balls of your feet.
4. Remain in this posture and move forward or backward until the clubface is positioned directly behind the golf ball. The golf ball should be at the center of the clubface without changing your stance.
5. Next, place your feet about shoulder width apart.
6. With short irons, the golf ball should be positioned in line with the middle of your feet.
7. With long irons and a 5-wood, move so that the golf ball is positioned just in front of the center of your feet.
8. With drivers or a 3-wood, move so that the golf ball is positioned just inside of your front foot.

2.  Grip. Without a good and consistent grip, your club swing will never do what you want it to do.  You will be wild.  From

Start out with the bottom of the golf club resting on the ground, as if you were about to hit a ball. Hold the club with both hands and let go with your dominant hand so that only your weak hand is on the grip. Move the shaft to your fingers and off your palm. Curl the fingers of your weak hand around the grip, with your thumb pointing straight down the shaft toward the ground. Your weak hand should be at the top of the club; your dominant hand will grab the club beneath it. This is the ideal grip for your weak hand.

With your weak hand in place, grab the upper part of the grip with the fingertips of your dominant hand, thumb again pointing down. See that vertical crease in the center of the palm of your dominant hand, where the thumb muscles meet the palm? Let the thumb on your weak hand slide into that space, and you’ve got a good basic grip.

On your dominant hand, notice the V where your thumb and index finger meet while you’re holding the club. This V should be pointing to your right shoulder if you’re right-handed, or your left shoulder if you’re left-handed. In other words, your dominant thumb should be pointing slightly to your dominant shoulder, not pointing straight down the shaft.

3.  Consistent Connection. Like #2, if you can’t hit the ball consistently–the club hitting the ball at the same angle at the same point in your swing–you will be totally unpredictable.  Here’s the best tips available, courtesy of golf Golf 3″ target=”_blank”> Golf SwingGuru:

  • Here it is. Instead of taking your normal shoulder turn (whatever that may be), focus on keeping your shoulder turn as level as possible (parallel to the ground). So as you are setting up to the ball, feel your feet on the ground to determine if there is an uphill or downhill lie. Then in your backswing, just focus on keeping your shoulders level to the ground..

Important Note: If you’re using high lofted woods or hybrids then here is what I suggest. Anything up to 19 degrees in loft, e.g. a 5 wood should, use the driver ball position. Woods/Hybrids over that, e.g.a 21 degree 7 wood, should use the 2nd ball position that I suggest for 2 – 6 irons.

  • Finally for your 7-iron through to 9-iron your ball should be positioned two ball widths inside your left instep.
  • Now’s the time to try the Golf Swing Speed Challenge. golf Golf 3″ target=”_blank”>Click here to get it!

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