Improve Your Golf Swing Speed

All golf ers are aiming for better distance when it comes to their drives.  Aside from hitting the ball directly, the great tactic to improve your distance and increase the yards to your drives is to enhance your golf swing speed. You can attain a great advantage to your game the moment you are able to gain extra number of yards, say 20 yards or more.

Keep these pointers in mind and you’re on your way to improving your golf swing speed:
Mind your flexibility.  The more flexibility you can get the enhanced likelihoods you have of obtaining a good golf swing speed. When you can twist while doing the back swing, you can add extra power when you down swing. Improving your body’s flexibility particularly on the hips and shoulders will benefit you in acquiring more power as you swing. To get that ideal golf swing speed, practice a 90 degree turn on your shoulders and a 45 degree turn on your hips.
Aim to be in a good physical shape.  Keeping your health in check is vital if you want to improve on your golf swing speed. Be sure you are in a good physical shape so you can avoid injuries while doing swings. There are many readily available exercises related to golf that you can do; these exercises help you improve your skills (flexibility, endurance and speed). Consistent muscle support exercises can add to an increased and improved golf swing speed. The better you’ll be off the tee when you have less experience of muscle fatigues.

Observe proper mechanics when swinging.  When you are attentive only on swinging harder, you’ll most probably forget to observe proper swing mechanics. You have to keep certain that you keep your head in the course of the golf swing and that you don’t pull up out of the golf shot prematurely.  Be attentive to your lateral motions as you do the swing. Unnecessary movement of the hip (left and right movement) could in reality affect the shot you’re taking. You would want to set your focus on aiming to hit through the ball and not simply hitting it, at all times. Hitting the ball directly does not guarantee an additional distance to your golf shot.


Golf swing speed is one of the basic things that many golf ers find difficult to get right. The more speed you have, the faster you swing which means there is also more power and increased distance. For an average golf er, building golf swing speed needs more practice in order to finally master it. There is a possibility of getting more distance but it could be at the expense of the accurateness, control and steadiness of striking the ball directly.

Golf swing speed is a tricky thing. If you wish to get it out of your head so as not be tricked, learn to breathe as you backswing and downswing through the ball until it follows through. You might find your swing slowing down as you find your natural rhythm.

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