Simple Golf Swing Review

Product: The Simple Golf Swing
Author: David Nevogt
Price: $47.00
Speed Improvement: 
Basic Fundamentals: 
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I know you came here to find out more about the Simple Golf Swing.   I understand completely.  I’ve spent countless hours and far too much money investigating so-called “miracle products” that were supposed to help me with my game.    It was all a waste, so I decided to create this site to give you some insight into the Simple Golf Swing, before you throw more money at a product you know nothing about.

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The Problem
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had some major problems with my golf game.   Clients would laugh at me, my boss thought I was throwing my game to suck up to him.  I couldn’t get any respect at the club.    Lessons are expensive.  I tried lessons with golf pros.  I spent hundreds of hours at the driving range.   I just couldn’t get consistent  behind my club enough to do enough good.

In my industry, if you can’t golf, you can’t get ahead.  It got to the point that I was willing to try almost anything to fix my game.   I tried theUltimate Guide to Golf.  I tried Golf Psychology.   I tried everything.  Nothing worked.  I was ready to give up and let my career stagnate.

The Solution?
A while back, David Nevogt released his Simple Swing Speed program.   After chasing all of the failed products, I was skeptical, but something about the videos on his website convinced me to take a closer look.   He provides proof of every claim he makes.   I had to give it a shot.

This program teaches you how to improve your golf swing by nailing the fundamentals consistently.    A consistent swing means consistently hitting the ball, which means a faster stroke.   Every 1 mph you can improve your golf swing speed will send your ball more than 2 more yards!

David guarantees to cut 7 strokes off your game.  It comes with a 60 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.   There’s nothing to lose and so much(distance) to gain.

This is a great program for a beginner, yet offers a lot for the experienced golfer.  This will help you develop your fundamentals and build up your long game..   That’s not to say this isn’t a good fit for a experienced golfer; almost everyone can improve their game.

What’s included?

  • The Simple Swing downloadable program.  This is a step-by-step program with–among other things–detailed photos with procedures for developing a consistent grip and swing.
  • An easy method to hit more greens.
  • A simple hand action that will increase your swing speed by 10 mph!
  • For a limited time(!), David is offering a free trial to his apprenticeship program with DVD clips, teleseminars, an online community and more.

He’s also including 8 bonuses worth more than $220!

  • The Simple Chip – a $56 program designed to fix your chip shot.
  • Fit to a Tee – an ebook to teach you how your body is affecting your swing.  A $19 value.
  • Swing Trainers You Can Find at Home – an ebook to help you improve your swing inexpensively.
  • Putting Lesson #1 – Three tips that will shave at least 4 strokes from your game.
  • Sand Lesson – This book will teach you how to get out of a bunker.
  • Lifetime Upgrades – When The Simple Golf Swing is expanded, you’ll get updates for free.  For life!
  • Mental Preshot – a simple mental exercise to prepare you psychologically for your best game, every time.
  • Secrets From the Game’s Longest Hitter – Learn the secrets that helped Mike Austin drive 515 yards.

The Bottom Line

I’ve been working my way through the program for the last few weeks.   I’ve got a little way to go, but I’ve already added 25 yards to my drive!  At this rate, I’ll be going so far beyond what was promised.   I can’t wait to get my boss back on the golf course.    You’ll only be hurting yourself if you don’t give it a try!

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